Review of Firefly Junction Series

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This cozy mystery series is set in a small town in the Southeast. It centers around one woman, her two sisters, a psychic friend, and a handsome cop. Oh, and then there is that very unique and appealing ghost. Can’t forget him. Oh, and there are the cute goats, two fun dogs, and…. Well, you get the picture.

New people are introduced as new events occur which in turn leads to murder. Can you figure out who did it?

(Almost sounds ominous.)

Despite being a small town, it can be pretty busy with murder and the like. I loved the fact that the murderer was not obvious from the beginning. There are enough twists and turns with each book to have me second guessing myself. Yes, most of the time I nailed it, but there were a few where it wasn’t so clear.

This series is written in first person by a character who has a very good sense of humor. I found myself laughing out loud many times as I read at the observations by the character or her interactions. I love stories that have a little comedy in them to keep me entertained. This is especially good when there happens to be a serious murderer roaming about.

And the characters!!! The author has done a most excellent job in developing them. They are complicated enough to be real, and interesting enough for me to want more of them. Especially that ghost. I love Edward! He is wonderful. So wonderful that I would love to meet him and interact with him myself. He brings another layer of drama to the stories that would still be fun, but he gives it that added zing.

The reader is invited into the lives that move about this small town while learning more of its history. I love feeling apart of this fictional world.

As you tell by this review, I totally love this cozy mystery series. I can’t wait to finish one and begin the next. If you like cozy mysteries, please give these a shot. You won’t regret it.

You can purchase a copy here or find it on Scribd. I read mine as an ebook on Scribd.

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