Review of From Dust to Stardust

Rebecca Graf
2 min readOct 31, 2023

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The years of silent films is nearly forgotten. Few of the stars are known today as well as the stories behind the scenes. Based on the story of Colleen Moore, Kathleen Rooney introduces the reader to Doreen O’Dare who rises up from poverty to being a star in the new world of movies. She takes her love of fairies and starts a collection that culminates in creating a fairy castle that can still be seen today in Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.

While I knew of a few silent film stars, I really never studied that era much. When I began reading the story, I found myself looking up information and trying to find more about the era and the industry. There was so much I didn’t know and will be discovering all thanks to this book.

Doreen is a determined woman who would not let anyone, including family, hold her back from her dream of being an actress. Through her eyes, we see the world of silent films and how they were made. While the story is about Doreen and her life, I found myself being educated into a strange world that has been lost in history.

The characters are all flawed. They are real people with new names or new roles, but their souls are present to take us all on a grand adventure. Doreen becomes a woman you’d love to have known. The story is more than a hint of the bygone years. It is a story that brings that world back to life with an explosion of color and adventure.

A great read that I’m glad I had the chance to enjoy. Already telling others to read this book. It is one that you have to read if you enjoy historical fiction based on real people. Will also be visiting the museum to see this fairy castle that was created and filled with Ms. Moore’s collection of miniatures.

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