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Other families pass down their stories, Kate Earnshaw’s family’s secrets disappear from one generation to the next. Kate Earnshaw’s father’s suicide has left many unanswered questions. In handling his estate she wonders if she ever really knew him. He never explained why he let his childhood home in Eastern Colorado fall into ruin or why he’d kept the property a secret. And he never told Kate about his close friendship with Evan Hastings, the handsome and somewhat puzzling man who lives on the property near the abandoned house. Evan seems to have as many secrets as her father and knows more about him than Kate did. But there’s something about Evan that calls her back to her father’s home. Something that threatens to unearth more than the past. Legacy of Secrets explores family secrets, a daughter’s grief and her search for answers, and a chance for love.

I love a good mystery even when it involves family secrets. Even families have their own version of mysteries. That is why I liked this story. While my family’s mysteries were different, I could relate.

This is the story of a woman who discovers that every family has a secret, even dark ones. Because of the depths of the secrets, the reader is pulled along with the main character as she faces emotional trauma and grief through reconciliation of the truth to what she had thought her family’s world really was. The levels of grief are traveled and completely believable from my own experiences.

I have to admit that I was frustrated at times with the main characters as they didn’t see what was right before their eyes, but it was authentic. They acted as they should have which made the reading frustrating yet gripping, if that makes sense.

I “read” this was an audiobook. The story was great. The characters were well developed. Now to the audio portion. Overall, the audio was easy to listen to. I felt at times that the presentation was slightly monotone, but overall I enjoyed it. If you like these kinds of stories and audiobooks, I would suggest checking it out.

Families are never boring. You might think they are, but once the doors are open to the past, so much flows out that you least expect. The truth behind events and people are not always what they seem.

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