Review of Milwaukee Deep

Rebecca Graf
2 min readJun 8

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Ambrose, an investigative writer, is hired to write a book on the life of a Puerto Rican woman is enjoying her final days. As she interviews the aging woman, questions arise about her life in Puerto Rico during WWII…Questions about unethical government activities. Going down the rabbit hole might be more dangerous than she had imagined.

I found the main character, Ambrose, to be a very interesting person. She has a lot of trauma in her past that is not explicitly stated, but enough is referenced that the reader can get an idea of what she has suffered. As she deals with her own PTSD, she tries to find peace in her life and answers to her many questions her writing assignment comes with. She isn’t perfect and knows when she needs to push to find happiness though she continues to push others away. In researching for the book, she sees what other families go through even through visions that take her back in time.

The story itself moves to a small island off of Puerto Rico and introduces the reader to a different world than most vacationers would see. The simpleness of life that is lived in harmony with the island draws her in to give her much needed peace.

Is this a mystery story? Yes and no. There is so much more here than who did it. There is hints of conspiracy and personal betrayal. This is more a story of a woman’s fight to survive and how those around her can help.

There are several sections that are just reports Ambrose finds in her research. They aren’t exactly crucial to the story, but they are interesting if you want to do your own research.

A very interesting read that has me wanting to research the historical aspects of the book and dive into what has been reported. I was slightly confused with the title as the story is mainly on an island. The source of the title doesn’t appear until the very end and hints at so much more.

Give this book a try and get your copy here. An interesting read that will have you asking for more.

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