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Rebecca Graf
2 min readSep 27, 2023

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We all have heard of Benz through the name on the car. We might not know it is for Carl Benz, but his name has stayed with us. What we might not know is how his wife, Bertha, was a driving force in getting the world its first horseless carriage, the automobile (car). This is a story of the woman who was interested in science and how things worked and found a place for herself in a world that did not value the mind of a woman.

An historical fiction account, the story follows what we historically know of the woman and her famous husband. It doesn’t sugar coat Bertha’s struggles with society and within her own family. She found a part of herself in Carl Benz and a way to expand her own mind and teach her children that they could do anything. The story takes the reader from Bertha’s childhood, meeting and marrying Carl, and to the moment that the world saw and appreciated the automobile.

This was a great book that took me into their private lives to see how it might have been and to remind me that it was not always easy for women or even those who thought out of the box like her husband did. He was mocked many times for trying to create “unnatural” things that we take for granted today as part of everyday life.

I do wonder what they would think today if they saw what that first car would become in today’s world.

A great read that will have you completely engrossed in the descriptive story. A great historical fiction book always has me researching the lives and times of those written about. I’m already looking for more info on the Benz family and what the world said about this great invention.

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