Review of To Walk in the Sun

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A mysterious lord is said to be a vampire. He only is seen after dark when he visits his wife’s grave every stroke of midnight. A terrible storm lands a handful of teachers and students from a private school nearby in his own home. As rumors of his supernatural state continue, he finds himself attracted to a rather stubborn teacher with secrets of her own.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It has that Victorian style of mystery and Gothic feel with a romance that is passionate without being explicit. There is mystery that keeps the reader hooked yet allows the reader to just enjoy the read.

The plot was steady. As one mystery was solved, another lurked in the wings. It wasn’t overpowering. They flowed smoothly along.

The characters were well done. I enjoyed the young students who were full of vivid imaginings and theories. I was glad to see that this was the first book in a series. I want to visit these characters again.

If you like a little Gothic mystery and some romance, give this story a try.

If you want to get your own copy, you can purchase it here. I read it as an ebook on Amazon.

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