Rosicrucians As a Secret Society

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What makes a secret society? Well, they have to have secrets and they have to put fear in those that are not part of it. So it is not a surprise they are treated with suspicion. Others have to suspect them of secrets, even if they don’t exist.

The Rosicrucians have done that for hundreds of years. This is one secret society that many have not heard of unless they are interested in this topic and in conspiracy theories.

Research has shown that this society’s history can be traced back to the early 1600’s. Christian Rosencreutz spent time in the Near East studying under certain Arab and Egyptian mystic teachers. From them, Rosencreutz claims to have received mystical wisdom. Upon returning to Germany, he created the Fraternity of Rose Cross that is known now simply as Rosicrucians.

This original order continued for centuries. The first few years the order met in secrecy and was basically ignored by the public. Today, the most well known is AMORC, Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis. They were founded in 1915 by H. Spencer Lewis as an “educational charitable organization” who want to help you discover “who you are and all you can be.” It is an online study center to educate anyone who applies to inner knowledge and wisdom.

There are many other orders that use the name in existence today such as Fraternitas Rosae Crucis and Rosicrucian Fellowship. Most do not claim to have a religious basis while others have religious affiliation from on the fringe religions to mainstream Christianity. It seems that over the ages, the group has appealed to many.

Once the public began to notice the Rosicrucians, their place in conspiracies, the occult, and as a secret society was secured. Anytime an organization claims to have inner knowledge or secret wisdom, they are treated with suspicion. Not even the Christian church has been able to avoid this position.

The Rosicrucians have been said to use alchemy, theosophy, occult practices and beliefs, astrology, mysticism, and mind control. This list is only a portion of what the Rosicrucians have been associated with, but this short list is enough to show why they are placed on the lists of secret societies.

Not enough is really known about this group. So, why are they so feared and treated with suspicion? Because of this lack of knowledge. It does not help that the founding of the Rosicrucians claims to have come from areas that have been known to practice, or accused of practicing, the occult. The rapid growth of the society along with different orders springing up does help in placing them on that secret society list. Being accused of such things as mind-control and the occult would immediately spark rumors and assumptions.

Many orders claim to have well-known and famous members including Benjamin Franklin and rulers of nations. Knowing that such powerful men could have been influenced by any group such as the Rosicrucians gives more fuel to the rumors. If these men actually did belong to a group, most will never know as the evidence for it is slim if it exists at all. Most Rosicrucians will claim they are not a religious order. Most will claim they are only trying to help you find yourself. Too much is unknown or feared for this group to be anything but one of history’s secret societies especially with such a long past and claims of famous membership.

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