Small Joys Make the Best Memories With Kids

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I think back on the times when I was a child and a teen. So many memories fill my mind. There are family vacations, school days, and playing with the dogs and cats. The best memories I have are of the small moments with my parents. Yes, there were big moments, but the small ones are the memories I remember the most.

These small memories can happen anytime of day. They don’t have to be significant events or special days. Everyday is special. We just to see how special they really are. Take advantage of every single moment.

On the drive to work or daycare, use that opportunity to make memories. Sing with the radio. Be goofy. Make up new words to familiar songs. Recite poems. Make up stories based on what you drive by. Make memories.

As you cook dinner, do it with your child or teen. Talk about your day. Talk about a show. Sing. Have fun. Think of new ways to spice up old recipes. Tell stories from your childhood.

You don’t have to have a full day or a full week to make memories. While those are good to do, every moment can be a memory. Chores. Walking to the school bus. Literally, any opportunity can be a chance for you to create those wonderful memories.

Just Have Fun

The idea is to have fun. That is where good memories come from. Laugh. Joke. Don’t be so serious. We do have memories of not so fun times, but do we really like thinking on them and sharing them?

What do you reminisce about when you get together with family and friends? It is the fun times. You laugh when you tell about a past event. You tell others about one’s facial expression. You correct one’s dramatic telling and then end up laughing at the not so quite right recounting. Those are the small joys in life that make memories.

I remember my grandmother sitting on the living room floor with me playing with the small cars. I smile everytime I think of those moments. My other grandmother rarely took the time to play with me. Therefore, I rarely think of her. It wasn’t a birthday party thrown for me. It was simply my grandmother playing with me.

Make the most of those small moments. Make memories that can last generations.

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Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman.

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