Southern Eclectic Review

Rebecca Graf
2 min readMay 11

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What happens when you have a funeral home on one end and a bait shop on the other? You go fishing after you wish your loved ones goodbye. In this series, you’ll read the most charming characters that exist. Everyone is in everyone else’s business. The past is still impacting the present. Old disputes rise up. Old love feels new again. Fall in love with this group of characters who can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Let me start off with the notice that I was a huge fan of this author before I read this series. She weaves humor throughout the plot even when things get tough. I think most of the characters have a warped sense of humor I can relate to. I come from a small town as well. As I read, I found that I couldn’t book these books down. They are great.

The author’s writing style is easy to read and flows well. I’ve heard a few of them as audiobooks. Very relaxing and gave me a good laugh. These stories are humorous, romantic, and sometimes full of mystery. They will keep you entertained.

If you like to read something to make you smile with characters you can’t walk away from, then this is a series for you. Get your own copy here.

Rebecca Graf

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