Successful Writers Know to be Flexible

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Flexibility is the key to success in anything. Change is inevitable. No matter how hard we try to avoid it, change will find us and force itself upon our lives. Look at our families, our jobs, society around us. Change comes at us every single day. That means we have to be flexible.

What Does It Mean to Be Flexible?

Nothing goes exactly as planned. No matter how much you research, plan, and prepare, things can and will go wrong. Flexibility is the key.

To be flexible means that you can be adaptable. If path A is closed, take path B. If B has a detour, take the detour. If it rains, wait until it is over or put up an umbrella and continue on. Flexibility means that you don’t find obstacles. You find detours.

Flexibility As a Writer

There are quite a few things that might not go as planned for a writer. You might not be able to write when you want. You might have interruptions. You might struggle to get the words right. Computer could die. Electricity could go out. You might be sick. Things happen. So what does a writer do when these things happen?

No Time to Write — You have appointments, pick the kids up, do your day job, do laundry as you have no clean underwear left, and your family expects you come over for dinner. You don’t have to write even a small blog post. That means you have to either just wait, write small bits in a notebook, or use an app on your phone to dictate scenes. You have to roll with the intefering interruptions.

Writer’s Block — This happens to all of us at one time or another. The words are hard to find. It could be we are stressed or the inspiration hasn’t hit us yet. Don’t force it. Do something else until you find the words and itch to write again.

Computer Dies — This is a writer’s ultimate disaster. Yet the writing must go on. Authors wrote novels before computers came along. Use a notebook or loose leaf paper. Write a short story, an article, or just a scene of your novel.

Sick — This can be the biggest hinderance to writing. Take this time as a break. Be flexible and get better. If you really feel guilty, rest and dream of scenes you could write.

Find Success

When you are flexible, you will find success. You push through obstacles. You go around them. Writing happens in one form or another. Not writing because of them means failure. You are letting the interruptions win.

Be successful and keep writing by being flexible. Be adaptable.

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