Successful Writers Need Patience

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Patience is a virtue. We are told by the wisest of the wise that we should seek patience and make it a part of us. It grates at us, but patience is a valuable asset all should have — especially writers.

Successful writers tend to put patience into practice. Thye don’t make rash decisions and pay close attention to the book of publishing. But why? How does it work?

Why Is Patience So Important?

Patience is one virtue most of us don’t ever ask for. Why? Because to learn patience, you have to be tested intensely. Most of us never beg to be given patience. It’s took painful to obtain. But patience is similar to the best weapon in our arsenal we could ever have.

Patience prevents one from rushing into situations that could be dangerous. It allows one to choose the right course and do it right. Patience has the best results.

Patience in Decision Making

Decisions made rashly rarely end well. Not all options are considered. Rash moves ignore everything but the one desired ending. That means better options are pushed aside, and dangerous ones are engaged. By employing patience, one has time to weigh all the options.

Patience in Drafts and Edits

For a writer, drafts and edits can be frustrating. I’ve encountered writers who write one draft and declared it done. They don’t want to “waste” the time of going through numerous drafts. It is not a waste. These multiple drafts can be the best thing you ever do for your book.

I have found that during the draft phase, new avenues have been discovered to explore and stories have taken on larger than life ideas. Characters become deeper, take on larger roles. Scenes are expanded or completely removed. It can really be fun.

Editing is the same way. Think of it is a different levels of the drafts with other eyes helping you see places to develop. Patience is needed to get through each round and be willing to improve upon your writing.

Patience in Marketing

This might be the most trying part of writing. Many writers give everything up because of this part. Marketing is a world of its own. But you really do have to be patient…and determined.

Marketing success cannot be obtained overnight. It is a very slow process that will take multiple tries and different levels of marketing strategically planned out. It can take weeks or months to see the results of just one marketing campaign. Even then, it might not be success that is celebrated. It might be a learning experience from failrue instead.

Patience in Writing

Writing requires patience. You might have the whole story in your head, but it will take more than a few hours to get it out onto paper or into the computer. Some people take months or years to finish a novel. A short story can take days or weeks.

Why? Because your plan might be laid out, but sometimes stories and characters get a mind of their own. Things change as you write. Not many people are fulltime writers. They write when they can. It all takes time and patience.

Patience is not easy to obtain. Yet it is so worth it. Be patient. Remind yourself that good wine takes time. The same can be said about your writing. Patience is needed.

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