The Murderous Type Review

Rebecca Graf
2 min readMay 16

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A small town writer is on a deadline to finish her next book, but a local mystery has her attention anywhere but on her manuscript. It starts with nothing more than a local fundraiser turned deadly. From there, Jen begins to question what the police are reporting and gets into trouble as she puts her nose where it doesn’t belong.

Cozy mysteries are so much fun, especially when the characters are well-written. And these are characters that jump off the page. Told in a first person style, the main character is one I can honestly relate to. She had weaknesses, faults, and trouble seems to find her wherever she is. All she wants to do is enjoy writing, eating chocolate, drinking coffee, and spending time with her dog. But trouble won’t let her. She has a police detective that doesn’t like her and wants to blame Jen for every death in the county. She has people lying to her when she asks questions concerning the death which very well could be murder. There are even events that put her life in danger. Then there are the times she recklessly digs deeper even if it is breaking the law.

That’s just the main character. There are others who made me laugh or just piqued my curiosity. They were real. In fact, I can’t wait to visit them again and see what is happening in their lives.

As for the mystery… I nearly got it. I was so close to figuring out who was behind all the shenanigans. But I wasn’t quite on the mark. The author did a great job in throwing in a few red herrings and wild goose chases to keep me on my toes. Great job!

Oh, and I wanted to note that the author gives a unique glimpse into the struggles of an author. Since the main character is a writer, the reader is invited into her story as she struggles to create the plot just right and develop complex characters. It helps to break up the story pace and gives the reader a tiny bit of down time just to enjoy and not burn your brain cells on figuring out whodunit.

An enjoyable read that will have you wanting more. This is one author I will be following. If you are interested, get your copy here.

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