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You can go online and find millions of way to find success in your business no matter what it is. Networking is vital in that success, but it can be something of a mystery to some people. There are millions of ideas on how to network. Some might have worked in the past. That doesn’t mean they all work now.

I’ve heard it said that all you have to do is smile and be nice for people to want to connect with you. Just be nice. Sorry, that is not how networking works. Yes, you need to be nice. No one likes to associate with nasty people, but being nice is not the key to success. You have to have something substantial behind the smile. Be more than a smile or people will see you as conning them.

Have you heard how you need to be everywhere all the time? I have watched people comment on every post and put out posts every few minutes. They seem to be doing it 24/7. You need to have a presence, but you shouldn’t be flooding social sites with yourself. People get turned off by this. I see so many who basically push themselves on me which turns me off and has me avoiding them. That defeats the purpose of networking. Post, comment, and interact. Just don’t act like it is all you do in life.

  1. Focus on What They Can Do For You
    Networking is meant to be beneficial to you, but it is not all about you. Focusing on yourself shows others that all you care about is what you can get out of the connection and not how you can benefit each other. Selfish actions stand out and not in a good way. Help other people. Don’t make the networking to be all about your wants.
  2. You Have to Be Extroverted
    Trust me, introverts can network very successfully. I am one myself. I would rather hide in a corner and read a book than interact with strangers who I feel are always judging me. Being extroverted can help make the process easier, but it is not a requirement. You can do it and not be fanatically outgoing. There are people out there who are turned off by extreme extroverts. They might enjoy interacting with people who are a little more shy yet approachable.
  3. There Are Immediate Results
    Networking is a long-term process. You will not go out on social media today and have all you need from networking tomorrow. It takes time to build the connections, relationships, and see how they benefit all parties. I have I connected with people and found out how they can help me three years later. In that time, I might have helped them or connected them with someone who could benefit from their knowledge. Results can be weeks, months, or even years in being seen.
  4. You Don’t Have to Be Sincere
    I have actually heard people say this. Networking is a game to them with only results as a prize. They just want connections and people doing things for you. They are willing to lie if they get it. That is so wrong. Successful networking comes with sincerity. Don’t lie. Don’t mislead people. Be honest.
  5. The More People You Know the Better
    Quantity is not more important than quality. You can have a thousand people in your network, but if you don’t have good connections with them, they are basically worthless. All you have is bragging rights. It would be better to have solid connections with only fifty people. Through them, you help each other and show results.
  6. Hit and Run is a Strategy
    I see a lot of this. People post and run off to another site or page. they do not comment. They do not interact. Their intent is spam and nothing more. That will not work. People want something of value. Yes, I post things, but I look around for other posts and comment on them. Interaction is key to relationships.

Make networking of value to you and everyone else. Make it worthwhile. You’ll see tremendous results if you don’t follow the myths that will not help you succeed. Don’t follow fads. Don’t follow the crowd. Be sincere and build solid professional relationships.

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Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman.

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