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More and more people are looking to Shipt to get their groceries delivered to their homes, businesses, or vacation spots. It is one of several new grocery delivery services springing up across the country. Members who sign up are given opportunities to place and order and have it delivered in an hour or so if they want or later in the day.

This is a great service for anybody. I see working people use it to get their groceries delivered when they get off from an exhausting day at work. Some are mothers who have small children which can be stressful shopping with. Many are elderly or disabled. Some just hate grocery shopping and would avoid it like the plague if they could. Now they can.

This is a membership company which means you have to pay an annual due for this service. It is not expensive. The standard cost is $99/year, but they have been running a big special of $49/year for quite some time. You get unlimited number of deliveries for this if order is over $35. If you do just one order a week, that is less a dollar a week to have someone else deliver.

Communication is done via texting. It is really easy, but there are a few tips to make your experience all the more enjoyable and worthwhile.

Note: I am a Shipt Shopper, but I’m also a member who uses their services. This is why I can discuss this from both points of view.

Yes, you can place your order and have it delivered in an hour. That is great! But it can be a pain for the shoppers. The shoppers are notified that there is an order and the time frame the member wants it delivered. The shopper usually has to drive to the store, do the shopping, handle any substitutions or additions the member gives them, and then stand in line (which can be long) and then drive to the customer. That can be rather lengthy.

Also, for shoppers this is usually not a full-time job. They do it as they find orders to claim. They might be leaving their day job and look out to see if there are any orders. If not, they might be making other plans for the night. If you place your order in advance, you are more likely to get a shopper claiming it quickly. It helps everyone plan out their day.

As the shopper is gathering the groceries you ordered, they might find where the item is not stocked at that moment. They text the member that the store is out of a product and usually offer alternatives. Now the shopper is waiting on a response from the member. They could move on to the next product. That is easy to do when the product is in the same aisle or really close by. If it is not close, they either have to wait for you or continue shopping and then retrace their steps.

This means time is being added to their shopping which in turn makes delivery to you later.

It is a great feature that you can add products to your order as your shopper is moving up and down the aisles. I’ve done it, but as members we have to realize what that does to the shopper.

They have to manually add your product. Sometimes it will not pull up correctly on their app, and they have to then search the store for it instead of using the app to locate the correct location. This extends their shopping time. If you add too many products to the order, the order might be late which negatively impacts the shopper.

Let me give an example. Customer adds seven products to the order as the shopper is at the store. Now instead of a 45 minute shopping trip, it has extended to over an hour because the store was out of the product and substitutions were made. With long lines at the register, the shopper gets to the member’s house three minutes after the latest time it was to be delivered. Now they get dinged for that.

Add products. Shoppers will be more than happy to get the products. Just limit how many as you want to help the shopper as much as they are helping you.

When a shopper sends you a text regarding an out of stock item, your responses need to be clear. If the shopper says they are out of one product, but they have these options, do not answer “OK”. Which option do you want the shopper to go with? Be specific.

Don’t let there be any miscommunication between you and your shopper. The result would be incorrect product or no product at all. You don’t get what you want, and the shopper gets rated badly. Be clear.

Certain things need to be noted for the shopper. If you live in a place where GPS typically misdirects people, give tips on how to find your house. If you live in an apartment on the third floor, please put that in the notes so the shopper is aware of it. Also, if there is an elevator they can use, let them know so they can breathe a sigh of relief at that.

Remember that the shopper has to deliver and wants to do it timely and efficiently.

The Shipt site has a few places where the member can leave notes. For each item, you can enter notes. It can be anything related to the products. “The bananas can be a little green.” That helps the shopper know which bananas to pick. If you want to give substitution options for the shopper so they don’t have to continually contact you, the notes section is where you can do that. For example, “If they don’t have this brand, choose any other brand close in price.” That helps the shopper a great deal.

Also, when completing your order, they offer a section for notes. It can be directions on how to get to your house. I know for where I live, GPS takes people to another end of the neighborhood and you have to go down so many streets to get to us. But if you come in on one particular street, you only turn once. Give tips on finding your specific house like telling the shopper there is a moving van in your driveway. That stands out. Leave any notes that will get your groceries delivered faster and smoother.

If you have a dog, put that in the notes. Give the shopper a warning in case they get startled and drop your watermelon. Not a good scenario, but it can happen. Also, the shopper might be allergic to your pet. If they know, they can make sure to take an allergy med. Better safe than sorry.

Tips are not required, but tips are much appreciated. What you need to understand is that is where most of the shopper’s money comes from. They get paid $5 per order plus 7% of your total grocery bill. That could be only $7 in many cases to spend an hour shopping for you and lugging those large cases of water. Giving $5 can mean so much.

You can tip electronically or in cash. That is up to you. But tips are always appreciated.

Understanding the Feedback

After your groceries are delivered, you’ll be asked to fill out a very short survey on your experience. This impacts the shopper greatly. If they are not filled out correctly, you could be inadvertently hurting a great shopper.

It has been discovered that some members are marking incorrect or missing items on the survey when the order has a substitution or the store was out of the product and they did not want a substitution. Members think they are rating the order and not the shopper. But that option is only if the shopper gave the member the wrong product or just did not give them an item without noting there was an issue.

If you have questions about the survey after your groceries are delivered, contact Shipt. Their customer service will be glad to help.

Deliveries will be late every now and then. It could be for a number of reasons. Some grocery stores have poor cell phone reception. The shopper has to use their phone to gather your order and communicate with you. If the reception is bad, there can be a delay in finishing your order.

The more items the store doesn’t have in stock, the more time is added to the shopping experience. The shopper has to search for the item, ask a store employee to look in the back, text the customer the status and making suggestions for substitutions, waiting on reply, and then following up on whatever the reply is. That takes a lot of time.

Also, adding items to the order once the shopper begins gathering your groceries can add quite a bit of time. Your original order states where each product is located. Your additions do not have that directive so the shopper is having to hunt for your request.

Then there are lines at the registers, weather, and traffic. So many things can contribute. Please have some mercy for those who are shopping hard for you with so many things going wrong against you.

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