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If you read, you have probably found a need for a bookmark. We never get to finish a book in one sitting without at least one interruption. They happen which means most of the time we need a bookmark of some sort. But where?

There are many kinds out there to fit every reader. The obvious is the ones you buy at the store. But we don’t always have them handy, or, if you are like me, too many people move your things and you can never find them you need them. I’m always in need of a bookmark when I have a print book in my hand. Bookmarks can be slips of paper, pictures or bookmarks that are unique and even conversation pieces. They can be anything.

A piece of string — A bookmark can be a piece of string or cord that might or not might be attached to a book. It can be of various types of material that help you mark your spot. I’ve seen people use colored or plain ones depending on what is available. Crafters usually have more choices.

Ribbon — Any ribbon can be used to mark your place. Many bookmarks are made for religious, ethnic, or organizational purpose. Typically they are satin or silk. Some come with tassels or charms. These can be fun to collect for any age. Some can just be a piece of ribbon from hair pieces or craft projects.

Charms — Bookmarks can be charming. Beads, trinkets, and symbols can be used as bookmarks when attached to ribbons, string, tassels, and even metal. They can be whimsical or reflective. These bookmarks tend to be sturdier than just plain string and can last a long time when taken care of.

Paper — The traditional bookmark is the paper one. It comes with saying, pictures, and even can be personalized. These can be found in any bookstore. They tend to be very reasonably priced and big in variety. Or it can just be a scrap of paper to mark your place. I have taken post-it notes folded in half to use as a bookmark.

Metal — You can bookmarks that are made of various metals and most often times embossed. Fanciful designs and even ones of filigree designs can be found. They are usually thin and mallable.

Combination — You can find bookmarks that are a combination of other types. They can be ribbons with charms. They can be made out of string, paper, or metal and have charms and more on them. Some are made to represent ethnic heritage.

Clips — Pages can be marked with just book-safe versions of paperclips. They come in a variety of styles that are classy all the way through ones designed for kids. The keep your page marked by clasping a few pages together so that you get return to reading quickly. The only drawback to them could be indentations left on the page. Not all clips do this, so you might want to try a few different ones. These are liked by many because they stay in the book and are less likely to fall out.

Beads — Are you into beads and shiny objects? There are bookmarks to meet that personality. You can get bookmarks that have crystals and beads of all kinds that fit snug in any book and marks your place. The beads dangle outside the book and can even help you find which book is yours.

Book Thong — This type sounds kind of odd at first, but it is just a uniquely artistic bookmark that marks your place in a book with as little effect on the book as possible. It is typically a very thin ribbon or string that fits tightly into the crease of the book with decorative pieces on each end which hang out of the book. These can also be easily made and given as gifts.

Embroidered — These bookmarks are very classy looking and exotic. Many of them look like Persian rugs and are beautiful gifts.

Bookmarks are all unique and give you the ability to reflect yourself. Children will love the variety that they can have for all sorts of books. There are ones that are religious, based on hobbies, or just plain fun. Take some time the next time you go to a bookstore and look around at the bookmarks. You might find yourself spending more time perusing them than you do the books.

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Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman.

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