Use a Vacation to Inspire Your Muse

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I cannot stress enough that inspiration can be found anywhere, even when you go on vacation. It doesn’t matter if it is near home or far away. No matter where you are, you can find inspiration. I have found it in my commute to work. A vacation is a great to find inspiration. You are away from all the stresses of life. Let your mind open up.

The People

Oh, the people you encounter when on vacation! You’ll meet every kind there was ever made. Perfect characters for your book is right there in front of you no matter where you go on vacation. Watch waiters, taxi drivers, hotel clerks, and other guests. You’d be surprised how you can find a character to research right there. A whole story could come from one person you encounter.

We took a vacation that included Las Vegas. I had never been there, but quickly discovered that the people watching there could be a full time job. I saw every kind of person imaginable. Because it is a popular vacation place, people from all over the world and all walks of life were there. There was no limit to what my writing mind could come up with.

The Places

It doesn’t matter where you go on vacation, the place you go can be inspiring. Look around you. You might be in a hotel or a restaurant or even on a tour bus. Anywhere you go, you’ll find an idea for a story. Look around you and ask yourself what if….

We took a vacation to the Grand Canyon. As we were hiking down a path, my mind began to wander. Who else had been down that path? Who hadn’t returned? What if an accident occurred that blocked us getting out of the canyon? I came up with several story ideas simply by walking down into the Grand Canyon. Side note: I didn’t go all the way. I’m not that in shape.

The History

History is everywhere. Look for it. It could be anything from a famous person staying there, a ghost, or a battle. Maybe it was a famous outlaw that hid there while the authorities looked for him. Check the Chamber of Commerce as well as asking the locals for interesting historical facts about locations. Read the historical plaques. Some of them have info that is obscure which helps your imagination.

Take a tour. Many cities have historical tours you can take that will give you many ideas into a variety of stories. Pick up local books or flyers. There is a lot of history around you. Visit the cemeteries.

Clear Your Mind

A vacation is a great way to just clear your mind. I know there have been times when I couldn’t produce any writings because my mind was too crowded. By going on vacation, I was able to forget about my writing and most everything else in my life. My mind was able to rejuvenate and be ready to write once the vacation was over. I found myself thinking of new story ideas or developments for scenes simply by not thinking about them at all.


Don’t just sit by the pool. Go around where you are vacation and take in the sights. It could be anything. Look at the architecture. Check out what the area is famous for. Go to a local sporting event. Check out what the area has to offer in any way. I have gone on hikes, tours, seen plays, walked lakefronts, and seen what the tourists and the locals should see. By doing that, I have found so many inspiring sights that have kept my list of possible stories ideas growing.

Enjoy Yourself

One of the best ways to find inspiration is to enjoy yourself on the trip and be observant. Don’t force yourself to find inspiration. Your muse doesn’t work that way. The muse has to feel it before they act. So go about your vacation and enjoy. Just don’t be surprised when your muse takes over and ideas begin to flood your brain. You might want to keep a notebook and pen with you at all times to jot down notes so you can continue enjoying your vacation and revisit the inspiration later.

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