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Have you written a book? More than likely you are wanting to get some book reviews on it to help increase the sales and exposure of the book. You might have started by having your friends read the book and review it, but that might not be enough. Have you thought of using Facebook to get reviews? There are many ways you can use the social network to get them.

The Power of Facebook

Facebook has become a very powerful tool. If people aren’t on Facebook, they aren’t on any social media. That means you have to utilize Facebook to get your book reviews. Why? Because nearly everyone is on there.

You want to go where the people are. There are millions and millions who use Facebook daily. That means you need to have a big presence there to get book reviews. Use the power that is there for you.

Post on Your TimeLine

Use your own timeline to post information about your book. Announce the release date and let everyone know how excited you are about it. Tell everyone you are looking for reviewers and in what format you have the book in. Some people only want print or only certain ebook versions.

Now don’t post every hour about needing reviews. That is spamming. Even if it is on your own timeline, it can feel like spamming when it shows up on other newsfeeds. You want to be consistent without being overbearing. Post something about your book every day or so once. You’ll get a few hits this way, but you don’t want to stop there. Just doing that will not be enough.

Use Your Page

If you have written a book, you need to have an author Facebook page. It is easy to set up and can be where you post notes on your status of your writing as well as any news regarding your works. Announce releases, sales, reviews, and so forth. Here you also tell your followers that you are looking for reviewers. You’ll get a few responding which can go a long way in gathering reviews and exposure for your book. Again though this is not enough. It is just part of the marketing layer.

Ask for Reviews in FB Groups

Have you joined any Facebook groups for writing and books? You really should have if you are an author and if you are an avid reader. Through these groups, you can learn new tips on writing and marketing as well as a chance to extend your network. Here you can usually ask for reviewers for your latest book. But there is a catch.

You need to read the rules of the group and respect them. Trust me. They vary from group to group. Some will not allow you to mention your own work, and others will only allow you to talk about your own work. Make sure you don’t make trouble when you ask for reviews. Follow the rules and Facebook can be a great took to get book reviews.

Be Careful in Asking for Reviews

You don’t want to come off as begging everyone to like your book and help you get sales in. That is very unprofessional. You want to let people know that your book is available and let them make the first move. If they say that they’s love to help out with reviews, you have to know if you are ready to give away free copies for those reviews. It is standard practice that if you are asking for reviews, that you supply the book for free. If someone just approaches you out of the blue and says they will review your book, they should buy it first. That is only ethical.

Don’t Expect Positive Reviews

If you are asking for reviews, you should be asking for honesty. That means you might not always get wonderful reviews. Expect that especially if they spent their own money on the book. You are out there in the public’s eye. Expect to be criticized. Now that being said….

You used Facebook to get reviews. Remember that I said Facebook is powerful. If you react to a negative review, it will be used by the power to bring you down. You can expect to use the pwoer to get only positive feedback. Use the power wisely.

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