Use Facebook to Grow Your Book Review Site

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I think this is one that doesn’t really need to be explained too thoroughly as most people use Facebook regularly. But many don’t use it the right way to grow their book review site. It all comes down to knowing how to use it properly. Everyone has their own way of using it.

You need to have a Facebook Page. If you don’t, you’ll lose a lot of ways to reach readers. Everyone expects it. Use this page to make announcements and such. Share news. Today’s world expects to be able to find you on Facebook, but you don’t want to take them to your personal wall. Create a Facebook page so you can keep your reviewer self in one place and easier for those who want to find your reviews to actually find you.

Make sure it is for your reviewer role only. Post only author related information. Keep your personal life separate. It might not seem like much, but you need to keep your private lite private. Too many people have discovered the dangers.

Post links to your book review site online. Give out announcements of upcoming reviews. Share cool things you found and talk about on your site. Use your Facebook page to communicate with the world.

This is your party. Think of it that way. You have invited people over and are sharing news with them. That is why I am against other people sharing anything on your page that is not directly related to your stuff. Consider restricting how much people can post on your page.

Get to know people. Talk to them. Interact. Find out who they are. Connect! You don’t have to become best friends, but become great acquaintances at the worst. They’ll check out your site and tell others.

How do people get to know you? They see you. They interact with you. They follow your links. Use your page to direct people to see more of you.

Facebook pages are people’s private parties. You don’t go into to take over. You don’t steal the thunder. Think of it as entering their house and their party. You show them respect and only bring attention to yourself when they direct it.

This means that you never post links about your stuff or promote your products unless they specifically ask you to.

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