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Ways to Improve Reading Retention

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Go Slow

To really remember what you read, you can’t read fast. Slow is the key. The slower you read, the better your brain will be able to remember it. Slow reading allows the brain to process the information.


Repeating things really helps. I was once told that if you repeat someone’s name you just med three (3) times that you’ll remember it better. Sometimes that does work for me.

Take Notes

Taking notes is another way of repeating to yourself what is said. Let’s say you are listening to a politician give his speech. You will not remember everything he said much less remember it correctly. That is why a reporter takes notes.

Eliminate Distractions

When I’m trying to read for school and remember the big points, the television in the background drives me insane. I have to read sections over and over again to get the point the writer is trying to make. The sound of the kids playing is just as bad.


When you have finished reading, scan back over the material. You could do it as soon as you have read the material but do it again later, too. Review what you read a few hours later or the next day. Don’t read the whole thing again. Read your notes. Read the headings. Scan it. Review it.

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