What Does A Book Reviewer Do If They Hate the Book?

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A reader will not love every book they read. In fact, they might find quite a number of them they just can’t stand. So what happens when you are to review a book you hated? Good question. There are two ways you can approach this.

There is always the option of burying your head in the sand. Read it and forget about it. Easy as can be. With some books I’ve read, I wouldn’t blame you. But there is a downside to this.

Let’s say I’m a fellow reader and want to know your opinion on a book. If you don’t review you don’t like, I have no way to know that. No review doesn’t mean you didn’t like it. You probably haven’t read it yet. By not reviewing it, you leave a reader in the dark. But you do get to avoid talking about it.

Thsi is the best method if you are reading for yourself and don’t usually share your opinion on books with others.

You do have another option. You can review the book in a diplomatic way.

Reviewing a book you didn’t like can be done in a way that isn’t hateful or nasty. Diplomacy can be applied and honesty can still be present.

State what you didn’t like about the book, but state it in a tactful way. Let’s say there is no plot or it is very weak. You can say that as you read, you struggled with following the plot as you found several holes when it came to timeline, etc. You don’t have to say that the plot appeared to have been written by a five-year-old. Give examples of what you didn’t like or found lacking. Remember that what you don’t like might not bother other people.

By reviewing this book you didn’t like, you help other readers avoid it if they have similar tastes. Help other readers find great reads while avoiding the not so great ones.

Too many “adults” act like children. They get angry at the smallest stuff and create drama where they doesn’t have to be. That includes book reviews. I’ve read quite a few reviews where readers get all upset over the dumbest stuff. Names of characters are why some give a book a one star and trash it. These reviewers begin to pick apart a book and even make up stuff in it. Very childish!

Be an adult. Deal with your reasons for not liking a book in an adult manner. Don’t review it or review it with tact. Don’t lie in your review, but don’t be childish either.

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