When a Doctor Says It is In Your Head, Find a New Doctor

Doctors are following a very dangerous trend. It’s one that could kill us all. If they can’t quickly find a diagnosis, they tell the patient that it is all in their head. Yep, it is all something psychological. The problem has to be in big neon lights for them, or they ignore it since it obviously couldn’t be there. Instead of saying they don’t know and try to help solve the medical conundrum, they say you should see a shrink instead. Doctors need to do their jobs first.

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The Trust
We want to trust our doctors. After all, they have knowledge we don’t. They have spent years studying the human body. They know all the latest technology and the latest studies. We should be trusting them. That also means we should also trust when they are unsure and have to direct us to someone else to get better answers. Here’s where part of the problem lies. They aren’t trustworthy.

Look to the Mental Side
If there is no obvious physical problem, it has to be mental, right? (Let’s step aside and note that I am in no way downplaying mental disease or anything else, but they at least need to be a real concern and not just a way for doctors to pass off what they are unable to comprehend.) A patient has pain. Nothing shows up on the CT scans or blood work. They have to be suffering from depression. A patient is bleeding, but the doctors can’t find the source. It is just stress. No matter what physical symptoms there are, it has to be caused by something in the mental health department.

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The Dangers
If there really is a mental health issue, then the patient needs it addressed to live a productive life. But what if it is not mental but a physical problem? What if the real problem was missed or ignored because the doctor wanted to find the easy, or lazy, way out? It could kill a person. If it didn’t do that, it could give them a much more difficult life to live.

The Mental Fallback
Doctors have found they can just say it is all in their patients’ heads. Afterall, mental issues do things to the body and can hurt us physically. Depression can cause weight gain or weight loss. Mental health issues can cause hair to fall out, skin problems, and even heart and gastro issues. The mind is a powerful thing. Since mental illness cannot be detected as easily as a heart attack or cancer, it is easy to use that as the cause when nothing else shows up. That means when a doctor tells you it is all in your head, you need to fight for the right physical treatment when you need it.

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Know Your Body
What do you do when a doctor says it is all in your head? First, you need to know your own body better than the doctor does. Only you can tell the doctor what is really going on inside you. They really can’t experience what you are which is why they ask you so many questions about pain and discomfort. You know when something doesn’t feel right. You might not know what is wrong, but you know it doesn’t feel right. When you have this knowledge, you can call the doctor on his incorrect diagnosis of mental health.

Argue Your Case
When you know your body, you can tell the doctors where to go and find new ones. You don’t have to listen to them when they tell you that your pain is all in your head. My husband had chest pains. They were classic symptoms: pain in middle of chest radiating down left arm. He went into the ER multiple times. They could find nothing wrong. He was told it was depression and was given a pill for it. Took them five months before agreeing to a heath cath to find out that he almost died with two 95% blockages. Four doctors told him it was in his head.

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Find a New Doctor
When a doctor says your physical ailments are the result of mental health, get a second opinion. Get a third if you have to. My husband had to go through five doctors before finding one that would listen. Don’t let that happen to you. It might not be a bad idea to see a therapist as the fight to get your physical health addressed might lead to depression. Just keep fighting and ignore the ignorant lazy doctor.

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