Which Grocery Store is the Best?

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Sometimes choices can be a pain. We are afraid of making the wrong choice. Maybe it is because we have so many choices every single day. Which shirt will we wear today? Should we leave immediately or wait a few minutes? What movie will we watch tonight? Latte or mocha? These are the little ones, but they matter to us.

Even choosing a grocery store can be important to us. It matters to our family and to our pocket books. But which one is the right one for you?

There are several things to consider when looking for the best grocery store for you and your family. Here they are.

Deciding which is the best grocery store is entirely an opinion. What you consider the best might not be one I think is that great. Best is a relative term. What you need to focus on is what is best for you.

Think of these points as you determine what is best for you and your family:

  • Is your goal to save money?
  • Do you have to have organic?
  • Is location to the store critical?

Best is a relative term.

Before making a decision on which store is the best, you need to get familiar with the stores. Don’t take other people’s word for good or bad stores. Remember that their opinions can be vastly different than yours are. Check the stores out for yourself.

Puruse what the stores offer. Maybe you use a lot of different ethnic ingredients. Not every store has a large variety of those items. Maybe your family needs different types of bread. Some stores are limited in the brands they carry.

Shop each store you are considering. Note the pros and cons. See what they have and what they are lacking.

In determining which grocery store is best, you need to look over their selections. Do they have only a small section of tomatoes? Can you find yourself finding the size and type you like? Most of us like to walk into a store and know that we have choices.

Can you find more than one brand of milk? Are you happy as you shop with the selections?

This is a good time to bring up online grocery shopping. They are choices in your basket of grocery stores to shop from. One online retailer only offers one brand of milk, and it is three times more expensive than my preferred brand. I don’t shop there because the selection does not please me.

This is another important aspect that impacts what is considered the best. If you are on a tight budget, price might be the driving factor for you. I’ve had to focus on the little money I had to get food for my family just to survive. That trumped quality or selection.

Some stores are known for their very low prices. Some are known for their expensive foods. Watch your budget and which stores keep you within it.

As you learn the stores, you might find that some stores have better prices on meats and others have better prices and quality on fruits and vegetables. Don’t hesitate to mix shopping your groceries at various stores in one day.

Also, look at sales and coupons. That can determine if you shop at certain stores for certain items or particular times of the month. The last weekend of every month has me at one particular store that has great deals on meat products. That weekend has that store as the best.

It is always said that location is very important. You really don’t save much in money if you are driving an hour to shop at a particular store. If the selection and quality is such a difference to drive further away, make sure you get enough food to make it worth it.

Where I live, there are two stores within five miles of my house. One has better deals overall, but the other have periodic sales that cannot be beat. Because they are both so close, it doesn’t matter. The one with the lowests costs is another three miles. Unless my budget is really tight I tend to avoid that one only becuase of its location.

Quality is a big thing. Not all grocery stores are the same in this category. Grocery store A might have produce that is not typically good and spoils quicker. Grocery store B might have meat that looks like it has been out for a few days too long. Look at the quality of the foods offered.

Bad food doesn’t typically make a good store.

The best grocery store is the one that meets your needs. Take into account pricing, selection, quality, and location. Remember that just because someone else says their store is the best doesn’t mean it is the best for you.

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