How to Write A Quality Book Review

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If you are going to take the time to write a review, make sure it is a quality review. Don’t just say “I liked the book” or “I hated it.” That’s nothing to a potential reader. Gives them nothing to base their own purchase on. A review is so much more than that. Give the author and other readers a little more respect than that and write a quality review worth reading.

What is Quality?

There seems to be a misunderstanding on what makes anything of quality. And I mean anything from cars to coffees. Some people think it is size. The bigger it is, the better it is. Others around the world mock Americans for having such large food portions, but we see it has higher quality. Sorry. A thousand words of nothing is not high quality; it is only wasted space. A large book doesn’t guarantee quality. A large review doesn’t either.

On the other hand, three words saying you liked it isn’t quality either. That’s too little with nothing to back it up. I have to get something out of it to be of quality and not just another synopsis. Tell me why!

How do You Write One?

First off, you need to ask yourself what you, as a reader, look for in a review. What information are you looking for? What do you want to read when you read a review of a book?

You can put in your review a very brief synopsis, but don’t repeat what the back of the book says. I can read that online. Just give us your take as it can be different than what is found online. It shouldn’t make up the majority of your review. That doesn’t give anything new to the other potential readers.

Tell in your review why you liked the book. Don’t just say you liked it. Tell me why. Was it a good plot? Were the characters ones you fell in love with? What was it about the book you liked? Go into details.

Tell in your review why you didn’t like the book. Expand on what turned you off because if it would do the same for me, I might not buy the book. But if what bothered you doesn’t affect me, I might give it a try. Explain that you didn’t like the graphic scene. If I don’t like those kind of scenes, then I might take a miss on this one. Help me out here!

Explain your opinions. Expand on them. And do so with respect and polite words. Don’t go on the attack. Don’t assume anything. Be honest and respectful. Talk to me as though I’m a friend and you are sharing your opinions.


Talk about:

  • Characters
  • Plot
  • Writing
  • Themes
  • Don’t giveaway spoilers.
  • Don’t be nasty.
  • Be honest.
  • Be thorough.

Why is It Important?

A quality review is important because other people are reading your review and basing their purchasing decision on it.

It could be a teacher looking to find the right book for her class or a homeschooling mother looking for material. What points are they looking for? Give them what will be helpful.

The person reading your review could be anybody. You want to give them a quality review that will help them. Your review is helping them make a purchasing decision. Give them a review worthy of that.

I want to take a moment to stress that you might want to put in warnings about sensitive topics that readers might get upset over. You are not condemning the author for them. You are sharing the topics to prevent negative reviews by people who purchased the book and probably shouldn’t have.

Your Job as a Reviewer

If you are taking the time out to write the review, then you are taking on the job of telling others about the book. Take your job seriously. You don’t have to go overboard, but take the time to make it a quality review. Show readers that you care enough to share only the best.

Quality means taking time and giving the readers what they want. You aren’t writing a review for you. You are writing it for other readers. What are they looking for? Give it to them. Give them quality and find that more people will follow your reviews for it.

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