Writing Tip — See the Scene in Your Head

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Every writer has their own unique way of writing. For those with a large visual learning ability, seeing a scene in their head might be the best way to get a scene down perfectly. It works for me. Maybe it will work for others.

I have a tendency to play a scene in my head over and over long before I put it in actual words. This can go on for weeks or more. I use it to work out kinks in the story. But I also use it for the details.

The scene starts out simple. Man walks into room and sees the woman he falls instantly in love with. Very simple. Too simple. There has to be more to the scene than that. What does the room look like? What are they doing? What are their facial expressions?

Your scene has to be vivid enough for the reader to see it without being so detailed that their imagination has nothing to play with. Close your eyes and play your scene out in your head. How do the characters move? What are their facial expressions? Is there something in the room that may affect how they act or speak?

Everyone does this differently, but I tend to write the dialogue first with a little narrative. I then go back in and see the scene in my head. I see what the characters look like from body description to the clothes they wear. I picture the scene and write it out, remembering that I can always delete if I add too much.

Sometimes the scene is played over and over spanning several days. I might add more dialogue in my head, a new character, or something intense. To me, this is how I let the characters take the scene and go through several trial runs. That means less time changing things on paper.

Once I get the scene in my head, I can focus on just writing it and not creating as I write. I can focus on the wording and not worry about where the scene will go. That doesn’t mean the muse will not change the direction. That will happen, but I am not as lost as I could be. By the movie in my head, I have some grasp on the whole plot.

When do I do this? Usually when I’m going to bed at night. I start the movie in my head and work on it as I drift asleep. The next time I lay down to sleep, I pick it up again and work on it some more. Helps me fall asleep and also helps me get my story worked out.

Have you tried making your story into a movie? If you haven’t, please give it a try. See how it works for you. See if you have the visual abilities to see your story come alive in your head before it becomes alive in word.

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