You Need to Have a Sense of Humor in Your Marriage

This is vital in every aspect of your life. Humor is so beneficial. It goes beyond making you feel emotionally good. It goes into health all the way around in your marriage relationship. Laugh a little.

Laughter is very good for your health. Seriously! You are less stressed which lowers blood pressure, gives your body more chance to heal, and in the end can be a source of good energy.

Studies have shown that laughter releases chemicals in the brain that does good for your mental and physical health. It is good for our overall health to actually have a sense of humor. ( Laugh at a joke. Watch a funny show. Think back on funny times with a friend. The point is to laugh and help yourself.

How is your health important in a marriage? Remember that I said it was good for both mental and physical health. When you are healthy, you tend to be in a better mood which is crucial in a marriage. I have found that humor gives our marriage a healthier feel. We tend to enjoy being around each other more and doing things together.

When you find yourself in a tense situation, humor is the best way to ease it. Marriage doesn’t progress without tension at some point. You’ll have arguments, be irritated, and sometimes be outright angry at each other. It happens. There is nothing wrong in the essence of it. Through these tense moments, we grow both individually and as a couple.

My husband and I had a tense moment when we disagreed over where to eat dinner. Yes, it is trivial, but when you are already having a bad day little things put you over the edge. Happens a lot in a marriage. When we finally got to a place to eat, we saw something humorous. After a small chuckle, we began to tease each other and think of funny things that had happened that day. We began to laugh more. The tension was eased, and we moved on. Laughter worked.

Make a mistake? Laugh at yourself. This helps you in so many ways. First, you admit you are human and make mistakes. It removes a level of arrogance that can put a big wedge in a marriage. Second, you introduce humor into the situation which eases tension.

When you laugh at your mistakes, you keep yourself and your spouse on an even level. No one is better than the other. This allows you both to grow with each other. It also makes you more comfortable with each other and yourself.

Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman.

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